Cycling With Moliere

Art imitates life in this gentle comedy about two actors rehearsing for a play. Two struggling actors, and struggling friends, the down on his luck Serge (Fabrice Luchini) and handsome TV star Gauthier (Lambert Wilson) decide to share roles in Gauthier’s upcoming production of their most loved play, about struggling friends. As tensions grow through the rehearsals, so they do in reality.

Director, Phillipe Le Guay’s idea of using play rehearsals to convey true emotion is clever and interesting, but sadly not enough to keep it interesting.

Although there is nothing specifically wrong with Cycling With Moliere, it doesn’t really captivate. Tensions are over petty issues, though that makes sense, since running high on passion may fit more at home in a French-set film. The most drama depicted is during rehearsals and although that may be the point, it makes the rest of the film fall flat. The audience doesn’t wonder “What’s going to happen?” but “Will anything happen?”

The plot was simple enough but predictable, reminding watchers of American high school films. Two boys fighting over one girl, one gets her, the other pretends he doesn’t care, then makes it obvious he cares and embarrasses himself in the process, but even that’s been done wilder. Surprisingly the ending was somewhat fresh, but nothing special happened there either.

What keeps you watching is the chuckle-inducing comedy. Between the “boys” different views on enunciation on stage and nearly drowning in a Jacuzzi, plot is soon just a secondary forgotten issue lost amongst the men’s squabbles.

More than anything, it made me curious of the Moliere play it is centred around.

Verdict: 2 stars

Laura Maxwell

Cycling with Moliere will be released in the UK on 4th July 2014.

A comedy of art imitating life.


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