112 Weddings


A touching reunion of the ins and outs of “the most magical day” and the philosophies of married life learnt as time goes by. This hindsight view of marriage addresses issues of relationships, past family, future family, future lifestyle and of course, pre-wedding jitters.

“Over the years I’ve seen first-hand what goes into getting married. Now I’d like to see what goes into staying married.”

Born from a side job to fund his documentaries, Doug Block has created a sly yet tasteful glimpse into modern marriages. Shot as a chick-flick for the reality age, 112 Weddings is collaborated of the many beautiful moments of ceremonies and overwhelming happiness along with the realities and nudged to be reminded happiness. The couples results range from the ideal finishing-each-others-sentences expected on a wedding day to those who are putting on a brave face, those who have faced trials designed to test marriage, to those who threw in the towel. Tears from couples hitting all these categories prove honesty that is probably never addressed in their relationships without Doug’s camera. Such honesty can actually take a brutal stab at such a fairytale-esque subject.

With so many couples getting nostalgic, if nothing else was achieved, you can guess a few sparks were reignited because of the film.

All in all the film message is that marriage can be everything you wish it to be, only it won’t be easy and it will take work, but if you work it will be worth it.

Verdict:3 stars

112 Weddings will be released in UK cinemas on 13th June 2014.

A chick flick for the reality age.



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