Iggy Azalea album review

After the release of her top chart hit, “Bounce” last year, Amethyst Amelia Kelly, or as the music industry knows her, Iggy Azalea has finally released her new album “The New Classic”.

The Australian model-turned-singer reached #3 on the UK R&B chart and her new album follows the same trend of hip-hop, trance and attitude.

I think the album is very “hit & miss”…

1. Walk The Line

A Johnny Cash cover? No, apparently not. But along the same lines in terms of concept. Semi-autobiographic and whining about such a hard life. Although Iggy goes for more “I will survive” than “I’m gonna go slit my wrists”.


2. Don’t Need Y’All

Sounds like a slowed down version of the last song. The chorus is clever, though. Same line over and over is always a stellar attempt.


3. 100

Already like it better. Better rhythm, better sound, better mix. Less noise. My favourite out of the lot. Watch The Duck’s soulful voice gave a lot more depth to the song. It didn’t just sound like a whiney teenager ranting for three minutes.


4. Change Your Life

I’m not even listening to what she’s actually saying anymore. But that chorus will be in my head for weeks. T.I. doesn’t usually impress me but he did this song a favour. It’s an improvement. Close, but no cigar.


5. Fancy

Retro start. Will this drop into noise…? No! Surprising. Although I think it has backfired on Iggy. It’s made me want to look up Charlie Xcx.


6. New Bitch

A little degrading. Not sure whether I’m proud for my sex or not with listening to this. It’s very angry. I think Iggy’s losing more and more friends as this album goes on. A little variation on this “angry wee girl who can look after herself” concept would be nice.


7. Work

A new tune at last! And my prayers for a different concept answered. This one’s a little more uplifting. It doesn’t make me want to start a fight for a change. Not sure if it’s quite a hit, though. Better, but it still sounds like noise.

Not quite a hit, not quite a miss.


8. Impossible Is Nothing

Yoda in da house? I’m getting tired of this. A few of these songs start out promising then fall back into the dubstep/noise I’m getting used to with that “bump bump bump” that sounds like I’m repeatedly popping my ears.



9. Goddess

My toes are now taping. Maybe we’re onto something here. Or maybe I’m clutching at straws. Better than some attempts but not the best.


10. Black Widow

Rita Ora was doing well until Iggy came in. I like the pingpong sound I remember from Martin Garrix’s “Animals”. I gotta admit I hope that catches on. It also has a smarter chorus than past attempts.


11. Lady Patra

This was a bit more catch and Mavado’s Rasta-feel has improved things.


12. Fuck Love

The worst of the lot. It sounds like utter chaos: alarms, a rhythm that has no rhythm, and that thing that all the African’s were blowing during the last world cup. And that’s all before we get to the ingenious repetitive lyrics that’s come back to the “angry wee girl” concept.

Miss. Definitely a miss.


Ultimately – and remember this is a girl who hasn’t listened to hip-hop save for Eminem albums since high school – I thought all the songs sounded the same: jumpy, shouty, not much thought-y. Any hits I gave were the best of a bad situation.

I think it just sounds like noise.


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