Post War Years

Has my wish come true? Are the 80’s back? Okay, so the hairstyles and a majority of the clothes can stay where they are, but listening to The Bell has given me a rush to go back to a time I wish I even existed in. Its electronic basslines and visionary melodies would give Prince a run for his many dollars, but is luckily missing the element the 80’s were a little too overloaded with: cheese.

Post War Years” says it all. You won’t find them singing about that girl next door or that love we just can’t find, but mainly the unsettling (to say the least) climate we’re in, with uplifting lyrics that hint recovery in the future. The message is driven through their indie rock mixture through the melody, produced by James Rutledge (known for working with MGMT, My Bloody Valentine, and The XX), and the haunting choir sung sound of their voices shared through the band of Simon, Tom, Henry and on percussion, Fred.

All this haunting electro-vibe is driven in their music videos, a product of Philadelphia’s Tobias Stretch who is responsible for Radiohead’s Weird Fishes video. Applying the same dream-like taste of surrealist artistry to The Bell as done to Post War Year’s other known singles, Glass House and All Eyes videos, The Bell’s video will be released for all to see on October 9th.

Whether Post War Years were trying to take us back to a happier time or move us past recent terrors, I for one have been given a glowing feeling listening to them. Expect remixes of The Bell from mutual fans of Everything Everything, The Invisible and Atatika Sound, and to see Post War Years accompany Everything Everything on their upcoming UK tour.


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