Kia Garriques


“What if, as one world ends, another begins?”

A world under five moons with two suns that never set, with creatures named Starbirds and Starflies: who would want that to end? It sounds like heaven until you learn of the Circle of Knowing that decides your fate and the Dimmer Zone that “swallows trespassers”. Innovera Yakov: The Journey of a Thousand Eyes is a story of a group of powerful characters on a long journey of self-discovery. Author, Kia Garriques, tells me where the inspiration for her wondrous world blossoms from…


My first impression of Kia was supplied by a link to her website which included a picture of her writing beneath a tree – with what looked like a Pokémon sitting next to her?

When I’m given the original photo, I’m a little disappointed. I think the cartoon version says so much more for her. Pen of unknown plant reeds poised over an archaic book, Pokémon-like creature shoving a shiny, keen nose into the drawings and long, violet hair held back by pilot goggles. Talking to her proves the photo is the furthest from reality.


‘I would love to meet Oprah Winfrey… I have always wanted to say, (in my Joey from Friends voice of course) “How you doin’?”’


Kia Garriques is a woman who will never lose that childhood spark, the talent of seeing beyond what’s in front of her and the wonder for the world the rest of us have stomped out by society. This 28 year old girl has made worlds beyond ours, writing extravagant, mystical planets through years at stone-walled Middlesex University. Originally from Jamaica, Kia moved to England and had her first short story, “The Invisible Alien Watcher” published in 2009 after years of writing as a child.


“I was led to believe that you had to be different, more intelligent and even a little eccentric to be a writer.”


Although the young writer sees this as a setback, I think she’s ticked every box.


Innovera Yakov is a world made of dreams. With details taken from Kia’s well-filled dream diary (the sober generation’s magic mushrooms), the gifted characters are taken on a journey glittered with gems and crystals, asking the big questions of life: why are we here?

The story is made up of a group of curious characters facing problems the rest of us face: friends, enemies, purpose…

Anaya is an outcast, but the healer of the group, with an ironic scarred face, Vinton, her inconspicuous protector and the twins Gamma & Blu Tara: beautiful beings that can kill with a glance – plus others!


“These young Innoverans are often haunted by a forgotten past recalled only in strange dreams…”


Kia’s characters may well hit closer to home than she’d care to admit having heard her story’s anecdotes. There is a veiled likeness being revealed here in Kia’s inspiration for certain Innoveran aspects.

Having survived a volcano eruption in her hometown of Montserrat, it would be only natural to write about acid rain falling, scarring those caught in it. To be haunted by the repressed memories in her dreams is only natural, as her characters are.


“Embrace your gift, because it is a gift, to be able to dream up worlds and characters that people might actually love. Embrace and cherish that and don’t let go of it.”


If you love Innovera Yakov, sit tight. A sequel to the series – not to mention a few others – is expected, filled with twists and turns to keep you on your toes. Seeing how Kia improves from the Innoveran world should be interesting, to say the least.


Kia Garrique’s new novel, Innovera Yakov can be found on Amazon ( and she is available to follow on Twitter @innoverayakov or @kiagarriques.


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