Is “Blurred Lines” so bad?

So I may be a little behind the times – in fact I’m writing about something everyone is sick of hearing about – but I’ve got to put my two pence in.

The squeaky voice, the big small words over the screen, the naked dancing girls with their computer-generated clothes? You know what I’m talking about. You’d have to be “Thicke” not to.

Yeah, I’m ashamed.

Robin Thicke’s controversial “shock for shock’s sake” song was at the top of the charts in 14 countries and is named the longest running number one of 2013. The pros and cons of the song went back and forth until everyone was not only sick of the song but sick of talking about the song – that is a song that will live forever.

The pros included, bringing back the 60’s feel I’ve been begging for, crediting the likes of Marvin Gaye for the “feel” and well, that seems to be it.

The cons, on the other hand, were plentiful; matching the “feel” of Marvin Gaye with the usual “make love in club” lyrics that are getting so old this century, the naked girls of the music video bound to bug a middle-aged mother who flicked on to the music channel, and of course, the rape-glamorising, encouraging lyrics. Classy-looking men singing, “I know you want it” is bound to make a few girls squirm.

My point is: beyond “I know you want it” and the repeat theme of sex on the dance floor, there is nothing disrespectful about this song, and yet the barricades where coming down between millions of horrified legs.

If I have to break it down, line by line, I will.

“If you can’t hear what I’m trying to say”

First verse is simple: a guy trying to connect with a woman.

“OK now he was close, tried to domesticate you”

Second verse: showing he understands the woman and her predicament.

“You’re a good girl
Can’t let it get past me
You’re far from plastic”

I’m actually rather proud of the chorus. I wish more men appreciated the less-plastic looking of us.

“What rhymes with hug me?”

Third verse: sleazy and frankly, embarrassing. Nothing I liked there.

Now rapper T.I.’s verse is where I take real issue. The song went from classy come on to full blown sleazy, “Where’s my pepper spray?” lyrics.

“I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two”

Ultimately, these guys did nothing more than any other male in 21st century. They made yet another song for the picking up of women in a random club. No questions, no inquiries, just nearest place of privacy. Is that really any different from the likes of “Get Lucky” or “Play Hard”?

Honestly, I suggest everyone take a course in poetry analysis before kicking up a stink. I’m not saying Blurred Lines is poetry, far from it, but actually listening and interpreting can help calm that blazing fire in your heart and maybe direct it towards something that doesn’t have a millionaire in shades and a three-piece laughing from his Bel Air mansion.



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