I’m So Excited released in cinemas

It seems Pedro Almadovar’s horror period is over. His old craving for wild comedy is back. After more shifty films such as The Skin I Live In and Broken Embraces, Almadovar’s reverted back to happier times when there were Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown everywhere.

His latest release follows your average flight to Mexico – nothing of interest there. Except maybe a flamboyant crew of stewards knocking heads with straight pilots. Added to that, there’s a psychic on board predicting a crash through pilots’ crotches, passengers joining the Mile High Club and the stewards resorting to drink to forget – what could possibly go wrong?

When the landing gear fails no one knows what to do or how to panic. So why not just enjoy themselves for a few more hours? The drinks come out, the bathroom is occupied and The Pointer Sisters play. It makes me want to move to a simpler happier world (i.e. Mexico).

It made a refreshing change of pace to see a comedy film without Jennifer Anniston or Steve Carrel and even more so that it – magically – made me laugh. And that was only the trailer. It has to be good if I laughed while reading subtitles!

The Spanish director is said to have called this film “a light, very light comedy”[1], for the pun-lovers out there. So don’t anyone get offended by three men dancing to disco music or by whatever acts might be occurring in the bathroom. The point to the film: have fun no matter the situation.

If you want to join The Mile High Party, Pedro Almodovar’s bouncy, music-filled comedy will be hitting big screens on May 3rd. [2]



[1] http://www.richmix.org.uk/whats-on/event/im-so-excited-los-amantes-pasajeros-tbc/

[2] http://www.cineworld.com


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