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Below is a collection of highlights of my journalistic works thus far in my career. These articles are taken from my experience working for The List, The GENN, Gutter Magazine, The Student Advertiser, university work, and even for my own amusement/frustration.

Do you know that feeling when you’ve got to say something but no one in the immediate area cares or is free?

Hopefully from this collection you can see my range, my – quote – “quirky” writing style, my abilities with audio, video and online editing, and what I get passionate about from film tropes to social politics. I find the fun in feature writing and researching but following the news of the world is incredibly interesting.

When it comes to life decisions, I’m like a kid at the Pick ‘n’ Mix: I want a little bit of everything! There’s dreams to write abroad and see the world, there’s dreams to work in the city and live the life of a Kate Hudson character (preferably How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days), there are dreams to start my own publication, and then there are dreams to get into movies for free.

Hopefully this portfolio will aid at least one of those dreams and be the first step in one of those roads less travelled by, which should make all the difference.

So, watch this space…

Laura Maxwell x

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Laura Maxwell



Sep 2014: Intern The List
Researching, column writing, calling companies for pictures, sorting databases.

May 2015: ContributorThe GENN
Local stories, local events, calling companies to sell advert spaces.

Jan 2016: InternWow247
Features, media stories, personality quizzes.



2013-2015: HND Professional JournalismCity of Glasgow College
Feature writing, news writing, radio, subediting, camera work, online journalism, public affairs, social and ethical issues, graded unit.

2015-2017: BA Broadcast JournalismUniversity of the West of Scotland
Applied ethics, broadcast feature production, work related learning, newsroom practice, research methods, specialist productions.


2012: Subtitled Online
Detailed, almost essay-like reviews of independent movies.

2013 (Ongoing): Gutter Magazine
Theatre columnist for this art-based website. Features, profiles and quirky lists.

2014: In Bloom
Only written article within a photo-based magazine.

2014: The Upcoming 
Short film reviews of foreign films.

2015: The Student Advertiser
Features and events based in Glasgow for this student-based magazine.



Expert in:
Microsoft & Mac Office software
Video & radio editing
Confident in:
Adobe Audition, InDesign, Premiere Pro
Familiar with:
Most forms of blog software

  • First class writing skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Enthusiasm for topic
  • Communication skills
  • Analyse and summarising skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Awareness of current affairs
  • Problem solving skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Cope under pressure



The Da Vinci Controversy

Headache or enlightening? Whatever you think of the new genre “history thriller”, there’s no denying The Da Vinci Code brought a lot of things to attention; artworks, details of history, modern day ideals, and, lucky for us Scots, buildings. Midlothian’s beautiful historic church has gained from the simple act of Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou walking in, with visitation and profits rising as a result of the controversial movie.

In celebration of The Da Vinci Code’s 10-year anniversary and its affect on Rosslyn, the chapel is hosting two showings of the film in the garden. Picnic blankets and garden chairs are welcome for an outdoor showing of Tom Hanks’ pursuit of legend, the second of which comes with a tour of the chapel and its many stories.

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