Singin’ I’m No A Billy, He’s A Tim

Aside from the Commonwealth Games and (debatably) the Scottish Referendum, Glasgow’s proudest modern accomplishment is surely the return of Des Dillon’s play, Singing I’m No a Billy, He’s A Tim. Dillon’s frank but humorous view on the Old Firm rivalry that inflicts the city is returning this April to The Pavilion Theatre.  Since the book’s publication in 2008, the play has spread throughout Scotland and Ireland, making Dillon a minor celebrity of northern Britain.

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Sofar Sounds

Imagine sitting in your living room listening to a band you love. There’s nothing but the music and your mind starts to wander with it. You imagine them right in front of you, playing for you, in your living room. Then – poof! – that dream is gone with a visit to Ticketmaster and their three-digit prices. Because what are you paying for with that three-digit price? The option of either getting so close to your idol that you’re crushed or so far that they’re simply a dot on your radar? The people around you, are they actually paying any attention as they scream and reach or else order their fifth pint?

Well, thanks to a new international experience running rapidly round the world, the flaws of your average music experience can be forgotten.

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Katie Sutherland: Pearl without The Puppets

Sweet as a fairy cake, Katie Sutherland has worn me out. My face hurts from trying to match her smile. She giggles into her shoulder with lovable shyness. I half expect to see Tweety Pie land on her shoulder. She has a shining diamond on her finger and spent the most hardcore night of the year with her little sisters: model citizen. Continue reading “Katie Sutherland: Pearl without The Puppets”

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