At the movies with Roald Dahl

With the exciting news that Roald Dahl’s “The BFG” is set to get the silver  screen treatment, courtesy of Steven Spielberg, what better time to take a look back at Dahl’s translation from paper to the big screen? Cue fantastic foxes, a Grand High Witch and a pretentious and bouncy Gene Wilder . . . Continue reading

Iggy Azalea Performs At Supperclub In London

Iggy Azalea album review

After the release of her top chart hit, “Bounce” last year, Amethyst Amelia Kelly, or as the music industry knows her, Iggy Azalea has finally released her new album “The New Classic”.

The Australian model-turned-singer reached #3 on the UK R&B chart and her new album follows the same trend of hip-hop, trance and attitude.

I think the album is very “hit & miss”… Continue reading

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